Stands at the forefront of excellence in the legal profession and dedication to the needs and interest of its clients. As a full-Service law firm, it is committed to delivering competent and effective legal service that promptly addresses the needs of its clients in all areas of law such as civil, criminal, administrative, Commercial, labor, family law, election law, banking, taxation, torts and damages, estate planning, contracts, agrarian reform, construction, immigration, transportation, foreign investments, intellectual property, natural resources and environment, and information technology. The Firm places paramount importance on the unique requirements of its individual clients by maintaining a close working relationship with them, thus, enabling the firm to provide tailor-made services to meet their  specific needs

The APP team of lawyers is a convergence of active, experienced and innovative legal practitioners in diverse fields of law. Composed of top graduates from the leading law schools in the Philippines, the team has a collective track record of academic excellence. The firm has an unlimited worth of collective experience in legal practice involving relevant and contemporaneous legal issues. The APP team combines the solid track record of its founding  partners with the vitality and fresh perspectives of its associates in a cooperative team approach in providing creative, effective and timely solutions to the needs of its  clients.  

Specializing in Civil and Criminal Litigation, Labor Law, Estate Settlement and Property Transactions, Commercial Arbitration, Intellectual Property, Mining, Commercial Transactions and Corporate Special Projects

Vision                               Mission 

To be a dynamic, reliable, and reputable law firm with an established tradition of competence and excellence.

By dynamic, we are innovative and creative in providing legal solutions. We think out of the box.

By reliable, we assure quality and timely legal services. We go the extra mile.

By reputable, we stand on a distinguished track record of experience and performance. We excel.

To achieve this, we shall:

1. Advocate the cause of our clients with dedication, zeal, and competence;

2. Assure the welfare and professional growth of our partners, associates and non-legal staff;

3. Actively support and promote the policy of expeditious and just disposition of legal matters through fair and excellent legal service; and

4. Contribute to the protection of legal rights of marginalized members of the society.

General Counselling and Retainer Services

APP serves its retainer clients by rendering routine consultations, advice, and opinion, as well as preparation of ordinary contracts and other documents which are required in the usual course of business of its clients.

Consultation services include the rendering of advice and legal opinions on pertinent laws, rules and regulations.
APP lawyers also render service as directors, consultants, and/or corporate secretaries for clients.
Documentation services refer to the preparation or review of simple and ordinary agreements or deeds, including simple claims or demand letters. These include agreements that require extensive documentation or negotiations.
Special Services

Special services generally refer to those that entail extensive negotiations, research or documentation, or those that involve litigation, adversarial or dispute resolution matters, and all services requiring appearance or representation before judicial, quasi-judicial, legislative, administrative or arbitral  officials or bodies (including, but not limited to, the Department of Labor and Employment, National Labor Relations Commission, Commission on Immigration and Deportation, securities and Exchange Commission, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Intellectual Property Office, National Telecommunications Commission, Board of Investment, Bureau of Internal Revenue, and Bureau of Customs)  Such services include the study and evaluation of prospective or current claims, disputes or litigation, and/or the rendering of opinions relative to such matters.




APP handles all areas of civil, commercial, and criminal litigation at both the trial and appellate stages, whether before judicial, administrative, or quasi-judicial bodies, including those in the following areas:

  • contract disputes

  • intra-corporate disputes

  • construction arbitration

  • persons and family relations

  • wills and successions

  • torts and damages

  • transportation, maritime, and admiralty

  • insolvency

  • trademark infringement and unfair competition 

  • election contests

  • general criminal litigation



APP provides legal services to clients in labor matters before the

Department of Labor and Employment, National Labor Relations

Commission, Bureau of Labor Relations, National Conciliation and

Mediation Board, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and

other agencies concerned with labor standards and relations. In addition

to general litigation involving personnel  action, strikes, and similar

issues, APP provides specialized services to clients in the following


  • collective bargaining negotiations

  • certification elections and union recognition

  • voluntary and compulsory arbitration proceedings

  • dismissal and /or grievance proceedings

  • unfair labor practice cases

  • preparation and/or review of special labor contacts, personnel policy manuals, retirement/pension/stock options and other executive/employee benefits plans

  • seminars/lectures and preventive law counselling for managers and

       supervisions on labor matters

  • documentation and registration of expatriate personnel, including

       applications for employment permits and immigration visas, and

​       studies on labor ramifications of mergers, divestments and other

       business reorganizations  



APP also provides legal services and solutions for corporate and other  business requirements in the following areas:

  • establishment and registration of new businesses including those involving foreign investment

  • joint ventures

  • securities registration and public offerings whether of equity or debt instruments

  • loan and financing transactions, including project finance

  • proxy contests

  • corporate reorganizations, rehabilitation (including debt and/or capital restructuring), dissolutions and liquidation 

  • establishment of trusts

  • property development and construction projects

  • mining, petroleum, and natural resources projects

  • privatization and infrastructure projects whether on bidding or negotiated basis

  • preparation, review and/or registration of special contracts, including:   

    • management agreements

    • land acquisition and realty development contracts 

    • land use planning and reclassification

  • registration and licensing, as well as compliance proceedings, of regulate proceedings, including:

    • ​banking

    • investment

    • insurance​​​​

    • Stock brokerage

    • drugs and pharmaceuticals

    • food and beverage

    • power and energy

    • construction

    • Telecommunications

    • mass media

    • transportation        

APP represents clients in proceedings relating to Intellectual Property Rights, Mining Rights, and Environmental Compliance before judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, as well as in administrative matters before the relevant government agencies.

Specialized Projects and Intellectual Property services that APP provides include:

  • registration of intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights and trademarks.

  • trademark and trade name protection

  • copyright protection

  • unfair competition

  • appellate cases relating to intellectual property issues

  • preparation, review and/or registration of intellectual property-related contracts, including:  technical assistance, technology transfer agreements, and trademark licensing agreements.

  • compliance with environmental regulations

  • preparation, review and/or registration of mining-related contracts.

  • power and energy-related projects, and 

  • acquisition and regulation of mining rights




Jesse H.T Andres

Managing Partner




Edgar Dennis A. Padernal



Founding Partner


Jose Raulito E. Paras



Special Counsel


Special Counsel

Of Counsel

Of Counsel

   Ruskin G. Principe

   Senior Associate


    Jordan Andrew Q. Lim

   Senior Associate

Sofronio C. Dulay II

Junior Associate

Jirah L. Jareta

Junior Associate

Edward Francis M. Arabe

Junior Associate


   Administrative Manager



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